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Application of Clean Technology in Different Industries

作者:Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016 | Updated:2016-04-21
Sourcing from: Hebei Province Association of Clean Technologies
1. Microelectronics industry qualifies for the highest demand of air shower and the development of LSI\VLSI has resulted in higher and higher requirement on motes control. 
2. Medical Industry
(1)Pharmaceutical Production
With the widely implement of Good Manufacturing Practice of Drugs(short for GMP), increasingly requirements of different classes of cleanliness during craft process and production environment have come up. 
Air showers adopt air clean technology are necessary in leukemia treatment rooms, burn wards as well as surgical operating rooms, in order to prevent bacteria infections and control treatment environment. 
3. Food Industry
Aseptic canning is a representative of clean technology adopted in food industry. Foods in aseptic canning (e.g. soft packaged fresh juices and milk) are in good color, fragrance, taste and nutrition than that heat-sterilized. 
4. Biosafety
Clean working environment without germs and dust is of great importance in aspects of genetic engineering, drug testing, pathology examination, molecular biology, national defense scientific research, etc., for that it not only requires non-contamination from other microorganism but also that all investigated materials (e.g. tumor virus, dangerous pathogenic bacteria, radioactive substance) must not be spilled over to endanger health or contaminate the environment. 
5.Experimental Animal Feeding 
To ensure the safety of long-term tested pharmaceuticals and foods as well as reliability of pathological study results, experimental animals are required to be raised under clean environment.
Cleaning air showers are also widely used in other production industries such as  astronavigation, precision machinery, instrument, apparatus, fine chemistry and more. 

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