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Good Publicity at Cleanroom Exhibition 2016 Turkey

作者:Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016 | Updated:2016-05-04
With the industrial transfer of electronic industry, China has become a very important producer of electronic devises in the world. Consequently, cleanroom industry and cleanroom technology are now booming in China, attracting oversea investments and enterprises to pour in. However, China cleanroom industry is still in the early stage of development and our cleanroom market is not yet widely known by many countries in the world.     
In an effort to introduce our domestic cleanroom enterprises to the world and usher in those in developed countries, from April 21st to 23rd, 2016, our oversea publicity personnel have worked actively to advertise 2016 Guangzhou International Cleanroom Technology & Equipment Exhibition on the site of Cleanroom Exhibition 2016 Turkey. Distributing about 1,000 tickets and 500 brochures, we have successfully arrested the attention of many famous oversea enterprises.
A medium-sized exhibition as Cleanroom Exhibition 2016 Turkey was, it did not fail to show professionalism for it was attended by many famous local corporations, world-renowned brands from other countries and a few Chinese outstanding enterprises with branch offices in turkey, which made it a great platform for us to introduce Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016 to the world. And to our delight, the results of our publicity did not fail to meet our expectation.
After our advertising, China’s cleanroom market and products have piqued the interest of many Turkish enterprises, such as Birlik Machine Industry, MGT AIR Filters, AFT Air Filter Technology and so forth. A great deal of them have decided to visit Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016 in order to give close attention to China’s cleanroom market.
Additionally, in our conversation with other leading enterprises from other regions, we were informed that having faith in China’s cleanroom market, many of them had set up branch offices in China, such as Testo AG—the world market leader of measuring solutions and instruments with their branch in Shanghai and Camfil—a world-leading enterprise in the development and production of air filters and clean air solutions with their Chinese branches in Kunshang. With this geographic convenience, it is certain that lots of them will come to Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016 for the latest information about China’s cleanroom market and the most advanced technology.
What’s more, sensing this wonderful business opportunity, other famous enterprises with no Chinese branches yet, such as General Filter Havak A.Ş and Havak, all looked eager to tap China’s cleanroom market and considered Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016 a convenient platform for them to seek Chinese business partners.  
In a word, with the relentless efforts of our oversea publicity personnel, Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016 has been effectively introduced to the world through Cleanroom Exhibition 2016 Turkey. It is believed that this year, tons of oversea enterprises will come to investigate China’s cleanroom market and search for business opportunities.
If you also have the ambition to conquer China’s cleanroom market, please do put Cleanroom Guangzhou 2016 at the top of your agenda.       
Guangzhou Cleanroom 2016        
Venue: Poly World Trade Centre Expo (PWTC Expo)
Date:  May 13th-15th, 20116

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