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TSI Instrument: The third time takes part in Cleanroom Guangzhou Exhibition

作者:未知 | Updated:2017-05-18
Since Cleanroom Guangzhou has contributed huge benefits to companies an increasing number of companies are willing to trust and attend the Cleanroom Guangzhou. TSI Instrument (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is one of the companies who has participated in the show twice and has booked booth this year, the third time to be our exhibitor.   
About TSI Instrument
WebLink: http://www.tsi.com/home/
As an industry leader, TSI Instrument (Beijing) Co., Ltd aiming at offering the professional plan and the technical solution to customers has contributed huge achievements to customers for supporting environmental security and safety of products. TSL proudly owned patent rights of various top-ranking technologies referring to indoor air quality, chemical analysis, plastic identification and bio-hazard detection, etc. Up to 10 patents have been proved and record by relevant American Associations in environmental industry. In fact, TSI is a multinational company. The research center and headquarter is located at the United States, while other branches have been spreading around the world from Europe countries like France and Germany to Asian countries including India, Singapore, and China.
If you are interested in TSI Instrument, please learn more details via the official website or visit their booth during August 16th - 18th, 2018 in China Import and Export Fair Complex(Area A), Stand No. 226
More than 120 exhibitors have been presented the exhibition. Besides TSI, Most exhibitors such as NORA, Yizhong Aluminum Industry, HuaAo Color Steel Sandwich Panel Co.,Ltd., ZKSJ Purification, TongJi Door Industry, YikenFeng HVAC, Fresh Filter Co.,Ltd., XinCheng Purification Equipment, Wohua Instrument, BONRIC SDN BHD, Lales Rubber, HuiGuang Lighting and Qiangsheng Clean Technology, etc, who found their new market direction according to the demands came up by their buyers in this exhibition.
Cleanroom Guangzhou Exhibition welcome companies devoting to laboratory and production security. More than 120 exhibitors have been presented the exhibition. The results show that Cleanroom Guangzhou is a trustworthy platform to attend. Please don’t miss it!
For requesting Entry Ticket, please register at official webiste, which is free of charge. 
For booking a stand, please ask the details to Mrs.Mae Law at grand1@grahw.com directly. 

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