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Fresh Air System Market Trend in China

作者:未知 | Updated:2017-05-26
Fresh air system has been applied into China for almost two decades and gained temporary popularity after a short period of China’s Sars Outbreak of 2003. It was such a pity that fresh air system failed to be well acclaimed due to poor marketing, unstandardized manufacturers, unclear industry standard and incomplete cognition, etc. But everything seems to turn the corners now along with the increasing demand for residential well-beings, and fresh air system market warms up blow by blow.
China’s Air Pollution Analysis
Over years domestic air pollution has gone from bad to worse. Air quality analysis of last December showed that among13 cities of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city cluster enjoyed good air quality on 25.8percent~96.8 percent of days, 30.5 percent lower than the average one of China’s major 74 cities. But these 13 cities suffered 4.4 percent of days in severe pollution, 57.4 percent of days higher than on average. The PM2.5 emerges as major pollutant in cities, closely followed by O3. Th cities enjoyed good air quality dropped to 42.6 percent of days from 48.6 percent of days compared with the same period of last year, down 6.0 percent points. The average concentration of PM2.5 and PM10 surprisingly surged 10.1% and 1.7% respectively while that of SO2 and NO2 fell by 14.3% and 2.9%. The daily standard-exceeding rate of CO kept steady while that of the daily maximum eight hours of the average concentration of O3 grew by 13.2 percent point.
Urban and Indoor Air Quality
In comparison with the concerns on urban air quality, people are apt to neglect the air quality indoors. For most of us, we spent almost 80% of a day indoors. Even the large particles could be shielded through a screen window, but for PM2.5 and other similar particles could easily intrude into the indoor buildings. Due to their strong stability which help PM 2.5 flow in the air, it is possible for them to linger indoors for couple of days or even as long as several ten days.
Healthy Residence
Health is always regarded as the priority in life and taken into utmost consideration when purchasing a house. A healthy house shall meet the least possibility for PM2.5 penetrating into the room and well-performed ventilation equipment which is able to exhaust the indoor pollutant outsides. When comes to the house featured with high airtightness and thermal insulation, we must choose the central ventilation system equipped with air duct, as well as filter installed at the air intake. In this case, the fresh air can be really taken into indoors.
According to the statistics, current fresh air system has been widely used as high as 96.56% in Europe and America households. This industry in those developed countries such as U.S, Japan, Britain accounts for about 2.7 % of its total GDP while in France it has listed as a standard facility system of construction. Japan is no exception to make the fresh air system as a compulsory installation with the backing of according regulation and laws. Since from 2003, the coverage of fresh air system has been always in 100%. Nevertheless, China is still in an early stage and has much space to develop. Researched by Navigant, fresh air system markets around the world will make an annual revenue from 1.6 billion USD of 2014 to 20 billion USD of 2020 with tremendous growth.
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