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Predictive Analysis on China’s Cleanroom Engineering Market in 2018

作者:未知 | Updated:2017-06-02
For the moment, China is going through the industry upgrading while global IC semi-conductor and photoelectric enterprises are moving to China. The adjustment of industry structure will significantly accelerate the pace of modern high-tech industries. Along with the speedy development of downstream sectors, clients dealing with downstream products making a higher claim of production environment, which well illustrates that the demand for cleanroom engineering industry is on the rise.
The Future Market Demand Keeps Rapid Growth
The Chinese Institute of Electronics(CIE) forecast that as of 2018, China’s cleanroom engineering industry market will increase to 126.858 trillion yuan from 43.239 billion yuan of 2012, with an CAGR of 19.65%. The ongoing expansion of market creates a tremendous development opportunities and promising market outlook for leading enterprises.
 Forecast for China’s Cleanroom Engineering Industry Market during 2012-2018
As earlier as in 12th Five Year Plan, it is predicted that electronic, pharmacy, food industries in those five years would keep rapid development while the growth rate of electronic information manufacturing’s sales income on average remained at about 10%. And the growth rate of medical industry’s production value on average expected to reach 20% or so. During the 12th FYP, industries including food, chemical, aerospace, etc. had proceed increasingly. In this case, demand for cleanroom engineering industry has been grown considerably. It is estimated to remain about 16.4% of growth rate of cleanroom market in 2018.
Middle and high-end markets of cleanroom engineering focus on the precision electronic manufacturing sectors which are strict with static and micro-pollutants. Enterprises engaging in precision electronic industries boasts a enormous investment and employment scale. Taking an example of the LCD panel manufacturer, the investment on production line manufacturing medium and low generation LCD panel amounts to several billion yuan on average while the advanced generation LCD panel exceeds more than 10 billion yuan and the 8th generation above is 20 billion yuan. Considering the employment scale, manufacturing enterprises with about 800 billion panels of monthly production on low generation portable LCD demands for about 10 thousand employees. Undoubtedly, the more production output is made, the more staffs are in need. Under this background, the higher demands for cleanroom engineering and technical advancement and quality stability will be required.
In the arena of IC semi-conductor, the IC industry had doubled as of 2015 with sales revenue of 330 billion yuan, meeting the domestic market demands of 27.5%. Regarding the swift growth of high-end electronic industry, it is projected to see an ongoing increase on cleanroom in middle and high-end markets and the market scale of domestic cleanroom engineering industry will continue to expand.
Structural Unbalance for Demand and Supply of Cleanroom Engineering
Some downstream industries such as general electronic components, printing and petrochemical have low demands for the class of cleanroom and quality of engineering. Nevertheless, it is due to the low criterion for cleanroom engineering that the market saturation and industry competition are intense. There is few enterprises of cleanroom engineering qualified for the high-end cleanroom facility standard no matter on the unit solution, technology development, coordination organization or output scale. Hence, the low-end market(clean capacity lower than class of ISO7) of domestic cleanroom engineering industry is comparatively saturated, while the middle and high-end market(clean capacity higher than class of ISO7) of that is insufficient, resulting in a structural unbalance for demand and supply of cleanroom engineering. 
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