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Predicative Analysis on China’s Cleanroom Market in 2018

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Swift Growth for Potential Cleanroom Market
China is undergoing the transformation and upgrading, and worldwide enterprises engaging in IC, semiconductor, photoelectricity are shifting their gears by marketing into China. This industry restructure will greatly speed up the development of modern high-tech sector. Downstream firms are in robust development in this phase, whilst the demand for cleanroom engineering is increasingly on the rise.
As predicted by the Chinese Institute of Electronics(CIE), as of 2018, China’s cleanroom engineering market will increase to 126.858 billion yuan with a CAGR of approximately 19.65% , compared to the market scale of 43.239 billion yuan in 2012. The continuing expansion of cleanroom engineering market enables the leading industrial enterprises to seize tremendous development opportunities and vast market potential.
2012-2018 Market Trends for China’s Cleanroom Engineering Industry
Electronics, medicine, food and other industries are expected to see a speedy growth in the next five years. The annual growth rate of China's e-information manufacturing sales remains at around 10% while annual growth of industrial added value is at 15% or so. And the total output value of pharmaceutical industry will reach about 20%. In addition, food, chemical, aerospace and other industries enjoy rapid growth during the 13th five-year plan period. For related downstream enterprises, the demand for cleanroom engineering will increase sharply. It is anticipated that the growth rate of clean room market will be maintained at 16.40% by 2018.
When it comes to the middle and high-end market of cleanroom engineering, precision electronics manufacturing is in the spotlight. Cleanroom engineering is extremely strict for precision electronics manufacturing which is quite sensitive to static electricity and micro pollutants. In this case, both larger investment and labor employment are presented obviously for precision electronics sector, such as for LCD panel manufacturers.
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