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International Policies Set the Stage for Fresh Air System--the New Favourite in Air Purifier Market

作者:未知 | Updated:2018-05-10
By Cleanroom Guangzhou Committee
With haze weather appearing frequently, the healthy problem caused by deteriorated air quality has become a major concern in recent years. The sizable haze economy was formed by a purchasing boom which was triggered by some products, such as face marks and air cleaners. 
As the pivotal part of the new rising branch and healthy industry among the environmental friendly industry, air purification industry has developed rapidly recently with a great number of enterprises crowded in.
It is reported that the fresh air industry of our country is mainly driven by the frequent haze weather, upgraded consumer demand of middle class and the intensive related policies coming on.  
Fresh Air System are Gaining Favour on the Market
The competition in the area of air purifier is becoming heated quickly because of the competition among the traditional household appliances, professional air purifier manufacturers and internet enterprises. Under such a fierce competition circumstance, fresh air system is becoming a new market favourite, which is the upgraded version of the traditional ‘air economy’ consumption.   
According to a report that investigated consumers from Shanghai and Guangzhou, more than 85% consumers have ever heard of fresh air system among which 19.8% bought it as well as 54% are ready for it. Furthermore, more than 95% are willing to have a deep knowledge about it. 
However, the challenges always come with opportunities. Fresh air system is facing with an unknown market. Due to the lack of the industrial criteria, not only do a lot of fresh air products of varying quality damage consumers’ legitimate interests but also effect a good development of the whole industry.   
The State Standard Policies Do a Great Favour
The Standard of Fresh Air Purifier was approved in August, 2016; and Indoor Air Qualify Grading Standards for Infants and Children was come out in December in the same year. There are 7 standards and policies about campus fresh air construction which were published in May and October, 2017. 
Especially for Air-cleaning Facilities for Fresh Air System--a national standard released officially by State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine and Standardization Administration of China in July, 2017--has specified purification efficiency, the value of airflow testing,  purification performance and noise measured value of fresh air system, which is able to provide rigid index to the fresh air industry which had a void of technological and test standards.
According to the expert of China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute (CHEARI) who have enacted the standard of fresh air system, the formulation of the industrial criteria--Household Fresh Air Machine--has been launched officially and will be expected to announce to the public by the end of 2018. It is also pointed out by some professors that fresh air purification machine looks set to become the new challenge in the future industrial development, which has capacities with high contamination and indoor air renewal.  
Zhang Xiao, the director of indoor environment analysis and testing center of CHEARI,  claimed that on the basis of the original industrial criteria, part of code contents of the criteria in household fresh air machine industry has been innovated and then integrate different aspects of indexes, including efficiency, life span, noise, sanity, heat transfer, intelligence, installment and so on, achieving a product evaluated comprehensively, in order to improve the frequently disordered phenomenon due to the lack of an unified criteria.
All in all, it is universally acknowledged that clean technology industry has a bright future. Hence, 2018 China(Guangzhou) International Cleanroom Technology and Equipment Exhibition(Cleanroom Guangzhou Exhibition 2018) will be held in Guangzhou. If you are interested in this industry and want to expand your business in Chinese market, you can contact us with the following information. Warmly welcome to attend!   
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