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More Quality Jiangsu Exhibitors to Be Expected at Cleanroom Guangzhou 2018

作者:未知 | Updated:2018-05-23

By Cleanroom Guangzhou Committee
This mid-April, the Guangzhou Cleanroom Committee visited dozens of cleanroom enterprises and associations in Jiangsu Province, a province leading in cleanroom technology and history!
So, that is why we came here to visit! Accompanied by the Secretariat of Guangdong Association of Cleanroom Technology and the Secretariat of the Suzhou Clean Industry Association, the Committee made quiet a fruitful trip. 
This trip has enriched our understanding about Jiangsu’s present cleanroom industry. We were told that many Jiangsu cleanroom companies focused on color steel plates and sheets, air showers, cleanroom doors, filters, and etc, and lately they had been very active in exploring markets in Southeast Asia. 
Learning that Cleanroom Guangzhou 2018 is the perfect business platform for quality homegrown enterprises to build new overseas business relations, a lot of them instantly showed interest in joining us!

Partial Jiangsu Companies That Expressed Interest & Supports

Shenda(cleanroom lighting)

Duanshi (purification equipment & refrigeration engineering )

Feilinair (purification equipment)

Huayu (purification equipment)

Pufeite (Fire protection purification board, purification engineering, drying board, color steel plate, handmade board)

Deshengxin (purification equipment)

Suxin (purification equipment)

Linsen (purification equipment)

Lvdao (purification equipment)

Kelan (cleanroom, color plate, air shower, stainless steel sink, and other purification equipment)

Huatai (air filter)


Moreover, with Guangdong Association of Cleanroom Technology and Suzhou Clean Industry Association as our staunch supporters which will help increase the influence of Cleanroom Guangzhou in their respective territory, more quality Chinese cleanroom enterprises can be expected for 2018!
At present, quite a few well-known enterprises have confirmed their attendance, for example, Zhejiang Gangliu Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Yuanda Purification Equipment Factory. If you are in the market for some premium cleanroom products, please don’t miss the show!
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