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Cleanroom Guangzhou Exhibition 2020 Is Coming Soon!

Cleanroom Guangzhou Exhibition 2020 Is Coming Soon!
Asia-Pacific Cleanroom Technology & Equipment Exhibition 2020 (Cleanroom Guangzhou Exhibition 2020), organized by Guangdong Association of Cleanroom Technology (GACT) and Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, will be held at China Import and Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Complex), Guangzhou, on August 16th – 18th, 2020, in the expectation of all the cleanroom exhibitors and consumers. 
The highly anticipated Guangzhou International Cleanroom Technology Summit ( the 6th edition) will be held together, and will also be staged concurrently with AVAI China 2020 - Guangzhou International Refrigeration, Air-Condition, Ventilation, Air-Improving Equipment Exhibition. Colleagues and elites in the production and circulation links of the industry gather in various forums, to share and exchange information and experience in the development of the sector.
The exhibition is a display and trading platform provided for exhibitors and global buyers, gathering national elites in the cleanroom technology industry and like-mind insiders, and displaying comprehensive state-of-the-art technology and solutions. The exhibition focuses on building a global platform, attaching importance to the exchange and organization of international and regional networks, and the promotion fair of the cleanroom industry goes deep into significant cities around the world.
Multi-party interaction makes the exhibition a new peace of innovation, learning, transfer and promotion of the development of the global cleanroom industry. People recognize It as the bellwether for the cleanroom industry as well as the most professional trade-focus, data-based platform for branding and marketing. Approximately as many as 150 enterprises will personalize their displays in different clustered stalls, revealing a diversity of cleanroom technology and equipment.
In 2015, the Asia-Pacific Cleanroom Technology & Equipment Exhibition made its debut with 250 brand booths were showcased to a global audience of over 3000.
In 2016, visitors from more than 53 countries descended on the show floor, with more than118 enterprises and 40 domestic and foreign trade organizations participating in the exhibition. Furthermore, 300 local and international trade media cooperated to promote, with 30 mass media dominated by CCTV.
In 2017, the show’s exhibitor turnout rocketed to over 133, and the show received 7650 trade visitors, a relatively big number for a high-end professional industry trade show.
In 2018, over 8150 global buyers and 156 exhibitors such as Hollingsworth and Vose ,TSI INSTURMENT, Gerflor flooring and Hydroflex cleanroom consumables actively participated in the exhibition. Consumption satisfaction with quality of the exhibition was up to 92% , with the conformity between buyers and suppliers reached 88%, which gets the exhibition high reputation in the cleanroom industry.
In 2019, the show became the biggest and the most influential cleaning technology exhibition in China with its exhibition space doubled, thanks to the support of our old and new exhibitors. 38.6% loyal exhibitors enlarged their booths, and new exhibitors account for 34% of exhibitor attendance.
Nowadays, the output value of cleanroom industry with high demand for science and technology is increasing at an explosive rate of more than 20% annually, showing an active potential market and huge demand for market space. Market interest for the cleanroom industry is expanding, which makes a phenomenal development open for the insiders, inferring from the fast improvement of substance designing, human services and electronic data businesses. In this exhibition, each enterprise individually displays and promotes its products, and will show its latest products, technology and equipment to the audience.
The exhibition not only provides opportunities for businesses to develop new products and get attention from the visitors but also provides a platform for the exchange and reference between various business enterprises in the exhibition. Cleanroom businesses and buyers can have access to the latest scientific and technological equipment, as well as the most cutting-edge direction of development in the field of cleanroom. Mutual reference and communication contributes to guiding the product innovation of various enterprises. The exhibition also fastens the promotion of the cleanroom industry to keep developing and progressing towards the forefront of scientific and technological innovation and product innovation, Promoting the popularization, technicalization and popularity of the cleanroom industry.
Held in Guangzhou, a prosperous place for international transactions which has a great appeal to the international audience and exhibitors. This exhibition will provide a great opportunity for the development of the industry. It actively helps enterprises expand the international market and makes the cleanroom industry more globalized, relying on the city status of Guangzhou and the host’s substantial overseas procurement resources.
Cleanroom Guangzhou Exhibition 2020 has a unique mission and industrial significance that it plays an indispensable role in promoting the sustainable development of cleanroom technology industry, building a platform for product and technology release, business and transactions of cleanroom enterprises. At the same time, gathering the national industrial elites and the whole series of products and the latest technology in the global scope, the role of cleanroom industry vane is becoming more apparent, and the part of industrial services such as brand promotion, market development, business services, data dissemination is becoming more and more specialized.
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