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New Market Space for China’s Cleanroom Construction

作者:By Cleanroom Guangzhou Committee | Updated:2017-05-02
Ever since 2015, the percentage of China’s cleanroom demand generated by the electronics industry has been abating gradually. This mainly results from the emerge of smart manufacturing, new energy and new materials, which has created new market space. Moreover, with the unveiling of “Made in China 2025”, an initiative to transform China from a manufacturing giant into a world manufacturing power, further growth is expected in China’s cleanroom market.
Here are two very possible fields that are expected to spark strong demand.
As an combined effect of government supports and increasing market demand, China’s transducer/sensor market has grown rapidly from 39.7 billion RMB in 2010 to 86.5 billion RMB in 2014 with an average annual growth rate of 21.4%. In the next few years, China’s transducer application in fields like wearable devices, net of things, automobiles, health care, etc, will grow at a rate above the global average, and by 2020 China’s transducer market is expected to exceed 300 billion RMB.
AMOLED Displays
As an solution that so far offers the best image quality, AMOLED displays are fast replacing LCDs globally in many applications. Though last year, 99% AMOLED displays were provided by Samsung, Sigmaintell believes that Samsung’s monopoly of AMOLED will end in 2018 as other Chinese manufacturers will begin their production of AMOLED displays, and the nation’s annual output will at least double, and the penetration rate will gradually climb to 65% by 2020.  
2016 China Cleanroom Construction Market
(Data sources: Chinese Contamination Control Society )
Field of Application Subsidiary Field
(100 Million RMB)
(100 Million RMB)
Electronics Industry Integrated Circuit 97.48 297.8
New Display 82.72
Solar Cell 35.6
Others 26.7
Hospitals, Health
Care and Food
Health Care 88.3 256.4
Food Processing 75.7
Pharmaceuticals and
Medical Equipment
Other Fields Aerospace 50.3 213.35
Lab 49.4
Agriculture 19.5
Others 20.70
Total 767.55
For more information about China’s cleanroom market, please follow the website of Cleanroom Guangzhou (China (Guangzhou) International Cleanroon Technology & Equipment Exhibition), a leading cleanroom trade show which is going to be held by Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group and Guangdong Association of Cleanroom Technology (GACT), and supported by Suzhou Clean Industry Association (SCIA) and Henan Province Association of Clean Technology. However, for business opportunities in China’s cleanroom market, please attend the show in person!
2017 China (Guangzhou) International Cleanroon Technology & Equipment Exhibition (Cleanroom Guangzhou 2017)
Date: August 16th-18th, 2017
Venue: China Import and Export Fair Complex
Website: www.clcte.com
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